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Cap Has His
Own Book!

Released last August the collected adventures of Capt. Hard-On are in their own book published by
Fantagraphics books! It's 128 pages of sexy humor wrapped in super human powered, full color action. It's available on this site as well as where you normally buy Fantagraphics books. A plus is if you get your copy here I will personally sign it
just for you!

Jack Kirby styled comic
Dan Collins's super hero comic
Jack Kirby style comic
Reserection - Part One
Reserection - Part Two
Dr. Poontang
CAPT.HARD-ON; The Man, the Myth, the Member . An overview of a little known super hero.

In the mid part of the 1980's in a little known publication, Hustler Humor, a new kind of super hero comic became part of the lexicon of American hero lore. He wasn't your typical example of muscle and mayhem and he was definitely not your politically correct comics costumed crusader. He was the creation of Dan Collins, long-time Hustler magazine cartoonist and longer-time fan of Jack Kirby, Marvel super hero comics artist extraordinaire. "I grew up learning how to draw super hero comics from reading Thor, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, all the classics created by the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby team," Dan Collins states. "There are a lot of guys out there who emulate Jack Kirby's style in the super hero comics business today and I guess I fall into that category as well but my reason for mirroring his easily recognized style in the Cap stories is more of an inside gag. You would have never seen Jack Kirby draw the kind of stories that appear in Captain Hard-On and that adds a classic look to an otherwise outlandish character. And besides, that's the only way I know how to draw super hero comics!"
The Captain ran for a couple of years and 128 pages worth of muscle-flexing fun and then reappeared in the last few years as hand-colorized reprints. Then came a CD collection and finally now he has his own book! Look out; next is the live action Hollywood blockbuster! Move over Spidey, there's a new sheriff in town and he's hard as nails!

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